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Insulting names

Pope Francis delivers blessing. Try Puku free for 30 days! To read from the comfort of your home office. What's with his feathered cap? Once upon a time book titles were a touch more Take, for example, the slim volume of songs and anecdotes the British publisher J. Fairburn foisted on an unsuspecting public at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries: The Cockolorum songster, and convivial companion, for Being a collection of monstrous good, monstrous droll, and monstrous bad, songs, introduced by some eccentric anecdotes of my cousin, the noble grand cock.

List of ethnic slurs

Also a few cockolorum sentiments. Yes siree, they don't title 'em like they used to In addition to describing a boastful person, cockalorum can be used in referring to the boastful talk and also for the game of leapfrog. The darned little cockalorum! He would grudge the old soldiers their pensions! One amateur definition of the word dates towhen a newspaper editor explained "a snollygoster is a fellow who wants office, regardless of party, platform or principles Now here I am, a rale self-propelling double revolving Snolly Goster, ready to attack anything but a combination of thunder-lightning-smoke-railroad-iron, and hot water.

Both of these uses are almost entirely confined to British English, and the word has little currency in the United States. Lickspittle the etymology is pretty self-explanatory with this word is part of a grand pantheon of English words for sycophants. We have bootlickertoadeaterass-kisserapple-polisherand fart-catcher … wait, scratch that last one; a fart-catcher is a footman.

The point is, we have many words for the sort of person who, you know, licks spit. Although the word was long thought to have been the product of the 19th century, recent findings show that we have been referring to lickspittles since the middle of the 17th. It is not often that we know who created a particular word, despite the claims that are made about such-and-such writer inventing this-or-that word; such claims are usually false.

In the case of smellfungushowever, we not only know who coined the word Laurence Sternewe also know who it is supposed to represent Tobias Smollett. Stern created a hypocritical character named Smelfungus in his book A Sentimental Journey through Francea satire on Smollett, whose Travels through France and Italy had been published two years earlier.

The matter of whether smellfungus is properly pluralized with an -i or an es has never been established. Both forms are found in occasional use, and you should employ whichever suits your fancy.

These were diluted into a combined mass of travels, by the Smellfungi and Mundungi within the century, and blazoned forth in all the pomp and parade of novelty, preceded by a very pretty preface, in which the tourist affects to be led, like blushing maiden, to the printing office, by the relentless persuasion of friends.

There are some two or three things the Smellfunguses all admit, we believe, and beyond that, nothing that they think will be pleasant to us to hear. Innocent hammerwhile a fine choice of name for your Metallica polka cover band, did not have quite what it takes to make it in English as a fixed phrase. Definition - a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being shown that it is wrong. Definition - an unmanly man; a mollycoddle a pampered or effeminate boy or man.

The earliest known use of the word comes from a translation of Gulielmus Gnaphaeus's The Comedye of Acolastusin which it is used in an attributive sense, referring to young men's "hobledehoye tyme" further explained as "the yeres that one is neyther a man nor a boye, at which yeres our voyce changeth".

According to one theory, it may come from "Fugger," the name of a successful family of 15th- and 16th-century German merchants and financiers. Germanic variations of "fugger" were used for the wealthy and avaricious, as well as for hucksters. Quacks also known as quacksalvers were a bit nimbler several hundred years ago, if the etymology behind some of the words for them is any indication.

Both saltimbanco and mountebank involve climbing, or jumping up onto a bench. The smellfeast is a special kind of parasite; one who is able to detect the presence of fine food and drink before it is on the table. This is the Practice of your Smell-feast Friends, while you keep a plentiful Table they are your most Humble and Obedient Servants, but when the Accommodation fails, like Tartars, they seek for other Pastures.

Become a master without leaving home! Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.Hello everyone, today we will be talking about nine specific Russian insults.

Unfortunately, they are very commonly used, but keep in mind that they are used only when people are abusing each other, when they really mean to insult. It is also the origin to one of the Most popular Russian surnames! Among these Russian insults this one is the rudest. As an insult it means a fat woman. Check T he oldest and the most neutral word for gay in Russian. Anyway, if you are not planning to insult someone in Russian, but want to know some useful words for emotional situations, check out the article Russian curse words that you should learn asap.

Ok, I hope this one helps this article will be useful for you only in theory. Name required. Email will not be published required. If you need real help with your Russian, you came to the right place.

I work with Russians and they always ask me: 'How do you know that in Russian? Hi guys, I'm Alex. Honestly, I have never thought of taking up Russian. I thought it was a very difficult and - no offence - dull language. Until I met Olga. I see Russians in most of the places I travel to, and start to understand some of what they are saying.

Check Out For More! Bad words in Russian, part 2. Russian word for Cheers: what Russians say before drinking. Lesson 3. Eight easy Russian words that you may learn in one minute. Bad words in Russian, part 1. Adrian Berg Norway. Alex a traveller and a blogger. Popular Latest Tags.For this to work, we need people who have the means to become paying supporters.

insulting names

For the month of April we have disabled ads on all E-M content. We need 93 people to reach our goal of 3, active supporters. If we hit that, we'll continue with a new goal in May! Random Insulting Names Response to Random Insulting Names I was wondering when I'd get a decent sig.

Did I really just see an argument on the net about what a tomatoes considered, it is the end of the world. Check out my art. Shit tickler, Shit sniffer, queef, Cum guzzling gutter slut, Fagman and rubbers, if there's two of them of course gouch licker, Cross eyed frog humpin shit stealer, Anal wart dickhole, Fingering freds, another double Enrique EgayFag, Gouch tickling gremlin, Faggytits, Celine Dipshit, for a female of course Shit for brains, simple yet effective Phallus Fucker, Babboon Buttfucker.

And there's some good shit here. The herd. The Library of Newgrounds. Camel-spined, pasty-haired, lard-soaked, mustard-lipped, trout-necked, sludge-assed, balloon-tongued, turtle fodder.

The Uprising, read it. Please check out our Supporter Upgrade and consider coming aboard! Random Insulting NamesViews 42 Replies.

Member since: Nov. Member Level 17 Gamer. Can you come up with any? For example, Egg knocker; Beef humper; Cock pusher Okay, GO. Member since: Sep. Member Level 16 Writer. Gay Monster? I dunno. Member since: Feb. Member Level 19 Blank Slate. Member since: Jun. Member Level 40 Melancholy. Member since: Jul.The following is a list of ethnic slurs ethnophaulisms that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicityor to refer to them in a derogatory that is, critical or disrespectfulpejorative disapproving or contemptuousor otherwise insulting manner.

Some of the terms listed below such as "Gringo", "Yank", etc. The connotation of a term and prevalence of its use as a pejorative or neutral descriptor varies over time and by geography. For the purposes of this list, an ethnic slur is a term designed to insult others on the basis of raceethnicityor nationality.

insulting names

Each term is listed followed by its country or region of usage, a definition, and a reference to that term. Ethnic slurs may also be produced as a racial epithet by combining a general-purpose insult with the name of ethnicity, such as "dirty Jew", "Russian pig", etc. Other common insulting modifiers include "dog", "filthy", etc. Such terms are not included in this list.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. See also: List of religious slurs. For the river in Belize, see Sheboon River. Chinese American Names: Tradition and Transition. Retrieved 15 July It implies that the native-born who cannot speak Chinese has either rejected or lost his Chinese heritage.

Yet many native-born Chinese Americans cheerfully use for themselves. Retrieved 11 April War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan. Retrieved 7 November Surviving Iraq: Soldiers' Stories.

insulting names

Interlink Publishing. In Leonard, Pauline; Walsh, Katie eds. British Migration: Privilege, Diversity and Vulnerability. Wayne State University Press.

Insult Generator

Duke University Press. Dog Ear Publishing. The Daily Beast. The Conversation. Ynet in Hebrew. Y-net News. Retrieved 1 November A Practical Guide to Racism. Gotham Books. Retrieved 12 April Top definition. Insult unknown. An insult is usually when someone says something rude or offensive to another person. Insults are usually used when someone is being annoying, but sometimes are used as jokes. I banged your mom last night" Me: Nice insult, dickweed. A group of words used to verbally abuse another person.

Your value doesn't even amount to the juice squeezed from an old whore's soiled Tampon. Do your keepers a huge favor: do a triple summersault through the air, and disappear up your own asshole. A word or phrase used to describe someone in a negative way or to talk to someone abusively.

Dickhead is an insult. Ron is a fucking dickhead This is an example of an insult. A way to verbally make someone like you less. A word or phrase used to mentally hurt someone. All the popular girls do is insult me. An expression of your feelings towards another person. Usually bad, however in some cultures such as Australiaare often used in a joking manner. Peter: G'day asshole! Vince: Howzit goin? Peter: Vnizzle have I ever told you you're a Tilado!

Vince: Oh fuck you Puckken. Donald J. Trump Up the Bum Blackfishing OneL This word is usually considered offensive. British informal a young woman. Some people find this word offensive. British offensive an insulting word for a womanespecially one who is stupid or unkind. American informal old-fashioned a woman.

It is sometimes used in a humorous way, but many women find it offensive. British informal an insulting word for an unfriendly frightening woman. Men used to use this word, but people now consider it offensive. British offensive spoken a familiar name for a woman, especially a young one. This use is considered offensive by many women. British informal old-fashioned a silly or annoying woman.

Australian informal a woman. Many women consider this word offensive. British informal a woman, especially an old woman. This word is sometimes considered to be insulting. Free thesaurus definition of insulting words for a woman from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education.

Open Dictionary. Synonyms witch noun an insulting word for an unpleasant woman. More synonyms. Explore other meanings. Explore related meanings. Women and girls Men and boys Describing or relating to men and boys Describing or relating to women or girls Insulting words for a man Words for women who have a lot of sexual partners Words for men who have a lot of sexual partners.

Explore more meanings. Offensive words for homosexual people. About Authors Partners Options Tools. Twitter Facebook. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news.Here are 30 of the best German insults we could find. Backpfeife is a slap across the cheek, and gesicht is face.

Remember the recorder from your childhood music class? Basically, it means an idiot, or someone given to meaningless talk. There are a few sock-oriented taunts in German. Over the course of history, the human race has come up with many delightfully creative ways to describe the act of breaking wind. From regional terms to old-timey phrases, here are 25 ways to say fart that you should work into conversation whenever toots come up.

The act of farting or belching is known as floating an air biscuitby the way. You can also use the term fartkin. Scientists, by the way, have determined that the median weight of a fart is around 90 milliliters. Either way, it's derived from the sound of a trumpet, which makes total sense. Welcome to the wonderful world of rhyming slang! Ringbark is a term used in New Zealand for breaking wind. Farting in public is embarrassing, of course, but it's arguably better than the alternative: Holding in a fart could cause the gas to leak out of your mouth.

Want to know how to use it in a sentence? Prat derived from pratfall is a 16th century British cant or slang word for the buttocks. You can apparently also say upon tooting that you "dropped your lunchbox.

This UK term dates back to around An Irish slang term for a fart from the mids. Last names.

14 Funny Insults Found in the Urban Dictionary

You've probably got one or two, and they definitely came from somewhere. Whether it's ancient or modern, signifies the beauty of nature or an abstract concept or a job, or is something Grandma came up with on the fly, last names are intimate things that anchor us to our heritage. Did you know that the last name Green has been around since before the 7th century? You could have gotten that name by playing the role of the "green man" on May Day, which involved dressing in green clothing and leaves.

But people were also given the name Green if they just liked wearing the color green a lot. So if you're interested in changing your last name, look no further than your closet. Smith is an old English name given to those who worked with metal. It's probably related to a word that meant "to strike" or " to smite ," which means it may have referred to a soldier or to the person hitting metal to form it into armor.

The popular Spanish last name Lopez came from lupusthe Latin word for wolf.

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